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Hello! my name is Irina Altuna Pérez, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I am a creative thinker, visual communicator, industrial and graphic designer.

Everything I do is related to art and design. I became an industrial designer in 2008 graduating in 2011 with a Bachelor in Industrial Desing from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas (IDC). The same year I decided to supplement my career studying graphic design graduating in 2014 with a Bachelor in Arts from the Instituto de Diseño de Caracas (IDC).

As a designer my goal is to unify all my knowledge in design, conceptualise and develop a product, image, advertising, packaging that response to any need in order to change an object, mark or space.


These are some of my most current projects, for more detail please visit my Behance page. If you think we can work together leave your message at the end of the page and I will answer as soon as possible.

Macaw Menswear

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Altagua agua de coco

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Crystal Juice

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Baty´s ice cream

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Conosciamo Restaurant

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Mingo Restaurant Gourmet

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Logo desing is the part I most enjoy about my work, create impeccable brands and make them call your attention for me is the most important. Here is a selection of logos, hope you like them.

Irina Altuna personal logo
Casa Francheschi logo
Savia Farmacia Pharmacy logo
Gravinil S.A logo
Caray women accesories logo
Alda Construction logo
Leal Bar logo
canteras onis logo
innovation hacking lab logo
barriga llena, corazon contento logo
el anaquel logo
Maps Bistro logo

Work Experience!


Position: Graphic Designer Branding design and rethinking development of the product line.

NASA (2013-2013)

Position: Graphic and industrial Designer Development and design of packaging for clients; Yukery, Louis Rich, Chocolates Franceschi and Empresas Polar.

@LO QUE NOS GUSTA (2014-2014)

Department: Imán Comunicaciones / Position: Art Director Participation and development of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies for clients: Paisa, SBA Airlines, Domino's Pizza, Ibero Seguros and 100% Banco.


I currently work as a freelance designer developing complete corporate identities including logos, stationery, packaging and application of the brand in a space.


- Brand Identity for Piaggio, Vespa, Moto Guzzi and Aprilia in latinoamerica. - Renovation, design and implementation of the brand in restaurants like Baty's, Mingo, Leal Bar, Conosciamo in the Dominican Republic and coconut water catering Alta Agua.

- Development and design of packaging for Yukery, Chocolates Franceschi, Paisa, Louis Rich, Crystal Juice among others.


Menswear brand 100% produced in Venezuela. As a director I take care of production, planning and design of the brand. Social networking management, packaging, development and implementation of the branding.

More info about this proyect go to @macaw.wear

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