La Ruta de la Arepa

La Ruta de la Arepa, an event that invites to try Venezuelan gastronomy in Barcelona, bringing together a selection of the best Venezuelan restaurants. It was born out of the desire to show the world what Venezuelan culture is like, feelings and flavors.

The world of images of La Ruta de la Arepa pays tribute to classic print advertisements. A style where aesthetics always come first – even sometimes at the expense of plausibility or the concept. I took an approach that evokes these old posters and that ultimately looks more like hand-drawn artwork than vector graphics.

Textures, flat colors and soft geometric shapes, lines and curves defined the illustration style for La Ruta de la Arepa. Scenes in which desaturated colours and imperfections take centre stage.

The illustrations form a poster that depict different aspects of venezuelan festivities and gastronomy by using simple shapes, flat perspectives and a balance of negative-positive spaces.

La Ruta de la Arepa

Environmental Graphics

Brand Identity
Digital Design
Irina Altuna — Product Designer
& Brand Builder
Based between Barcelona
and the Balearic Islands