La Real Hamburguesería

La Real Hamburguesería is a gastronomic space in the city of Barcelona. Its purpose is none other than to rescue the pleasure of eating with your hands. La Real Hamburguesería, more than names and preferences, is a list of temptations. The success of each dish is possible thanks to fresh products and strategic alliances with local suppliers.

The new identity expresses quality values through a logo that represents a seal of approval and a graphic code based on the importance of the product and the diverse categories of dishes offered by the restaurant.

An iconographic system that allows you to easily understand the restaurant’s gastronomic offer. And a clear, descriptive and graphic language that responds to the expression of terrains, products or other plant elements, by means of various textures.

A project in which a descriptive language prevails yet at the same time a clear and personalistic graphic system is sought that transmits originality and information at the same level. Graphic textures that play upon various elements of the restaurant, as well as a flexible and mobile brand that transforms it into remarkable seal of approval in each of the various applications.

La Real Hamburguesería

Food & Drink

Brand Identity
Dgital Design
Packaging Design
Web Design
Irina Altuna — Product Designer
& Brand Builder
Based between Barcelona
and the Balearic Islands